Amalthea was rescued from a terrible backyard breeder back in October, 2016. She was very sick with a respiratory infection and very wary of people. She is a lavender turkey who looks like she is from a magical planet beyond our understanding and for that reason I named her, Amalthea, after the character in “The Last Unicorn” who is trapped in the body of a beautiful unicorn. Her nickname is “Unicorn” and “Silver”.

Amalthea lives with Magic and Quinn, the Lefty’s Place turkey family.

When she first arrived, Quinn was besotted with her. He followed her everywhere doing his special turkey man dance. To this day, Amalthea is still quite unimpressed with his dancing skills and prefers to be an independant woman. Quinn, however, is still very much in love with this beautiful lady and will wait all day for her whilst she sits on her nest.

Amalthea still doesn’t like people. She’s now 100 percent healthy and enjoying every part of her life.


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