Pisces was found at abatoir in January, 2017. She was found in crates with thirty of her friends. It was quite baffling to us why these hens were at the abattoir as they were so young, only at point of lay age. All thirty were rescued and I kept three of these beautiful girls. Tow golden beauties who I called “Leo” and “Aries” and one gorgeous brown girl who was so timid, sweet and scared who I called, “Pisces”.

Pisces grew in to the most beautiful hen with a stunning white feather collar and white tail. She’s grown in confidence so much and her nickname is now “Houdini” because she is the only chicken I’ve ever had that can escape for the chicken runs by flying up to the shade cloth and walk across it. She is so smart. She can also get herself back in to the chicken runs and chooses what coop and what rooster to sleep with every night.

Pisces is such a clever, cheeky, independent individual.



Meet Walnut. She was rescued in early 2017  from an abattoir after being trucked from her cage egg farm home. She was stuffed in to the transport crate so tightly that she suffered two broken wings and a broken leg. She’s a small little lady who is still quite traumatised by her life in a cage before she was taken to the abattoir.  Walnut loves corn more than most things and her best friend in the world is Almond, who came from the same farm as here and was rescued the same night. 



Meet Almond. She is an Isa Brown who spent her life in a cage egg farm. She was ripped out of her cage, thrown in to a crate on a truck and driven to an abattoir to be slaughtered earlier this year. She was handled so roughly by workers that she suffered broken bones and wings. She was rescued and rehabilitated by a friend moved in to Lefty’s Place about a week ago now with her two friends from the same farm – Almond and Cashew.

Almond was terrified of people when she first arrived, but my gosh did she have attitude from the get go. I introduced these three little hens in to Super Chicken’s flock first because Super is a gentle, older rooster and he knows how to make hens feel safe. Well, Almond was having none of Super Chicken and she ran up to him, chest bumped him and challenged him to a fight within the first five minutes of arrival. In that moment, I though, “hmmmm, let’s try Popeye instead”. She seems to like Popeye a lot more and has settled right in to his family. I think she must prefer blondes.

Almond is now a fully fledged member of Popeye’s flock. She a plump, beautiful little hen with shiny feathers. Her best friend is Walnut and they both stick close to Popeye all day long.



Lavender was one of the 74 hens rescued from an abattoir in August, 2016. She is a sweet little hen. She is so sweet that she reminds me of our beloved girl, Sweets, who we lost earlier in 2016. Lavender has found out that she loves many things in her new life, she especially loves the rooster of the flock, Super Chicken. Lavender will stand with Super Chicken all day long giving him kisses and love, whilst Super Chicken tries to pretend he doesn’t love the attention. 

Lavender once lived in a cage egg farm. When she was 18 months old, she was roughly grabbed from her cage, thrown in to a transport truck and taken to an abattoir. A friend and I followed the truck she was in all the way to the abattoir and then we rescued as many hens as we could. She now lives in peace at Lefty’s Place. 



Sargeant Gilroy

Gilroy (aka Sargeant Gilroy). Gilroy spent two years alone with people who loved him, but ultimately he lived alone without his own kind for two years. Gilroy’s owners had to leave their current property, so he has come here. Gilroy spent the first night in a quarantine paddock, but he was so desperate to be with other sheep that he actually jumped the fence to be with them.

Sheep need sheep.