Feather Foot

Feather Foot came from Dandenong Poultry Auction. One cold Tuesday in June 2016, she sat in a cage waiting to be auctioned off for the meat on her bones. Her fate would have been either a pot or a cage as an egg producer. She was luckily rescued that day from that disgusting place and started a new life at Lefty’s Place.

Crowded cages full of sick, sad and dying birds is what the Dandenong Poultry Auction is good at. The council refuses to close this place down even with a petition with thousands of signatures of people who want are against it. Every bird I have from this place has been terrified. Not one of them has yet overcome their fear of humans and that just begs the question – who are the people breeding these scared birds and what conditions do they live in before they arrive at the auction.

The beautiful hen was absolutely terrified the day she was rescued and she still remains unsure of humans, she’s a lot better with me now than she ever was though. Feather Foot lives in Popeye’s flock and is best friends with Little Dotty, they spend most of their days out trotting around the property together. She is a difficult hen to handle and care for because of her conditioned fear of humans, but we are working on it slowly together. Hopefully one day she wont scream in terror when I give her a small tablet for her health.

Feather Foot will live out her life at Lefty’s Place with her new family.



This is Irma. She was rescued back in October, 2016 from the abattoir. Her leg was badly broken and it took her months to recover and be able to walk again.

She is also known as “Wonky Wobbles 2”. Irma chooses to sleep in this small dog carrier, who knows why! She has a huge coop and another small coop to choose from, but she wants to sleep here! Chickens are so funny, they know what they want and what they prefer.



Her official name is “Edith” after Edith in “Picnic In Hanging Rock”, but I actually call her “Wonky Wobbles 1” more than Edith because she seems to respond to it more!

Edith was found with broken bones, emaciated, in shock, infected and dying in a crate at an abattoir waiting to be slaughtered. It took months of rehabilitation and vet work by Dreamer’s Hen Rescue and Bird Vet Melbourne to make her well enough to start her new life.

Edith is now one of the happiest hens I know. She still walks a bit funny because of her healed broken leg and hip, but she really does get around. She waddles around talking constantly. She’s excited by grass, by concrete, by trees, by corn, by the shed, by cars and literally by anything she happens to see. Freedom is a magical thing, even if you do happen to be a bit wonky.



Star was rescued in late 2016 from an abattoir. She was in a crate waiting to be slaughtered the next morning.

Why did I choose to rescue her over the thousands of other girls in those crates? I don’t know, but i am always asked this question. Sometimes I randomly choose, other times I take the girls who look like they need the most help, who call out to me silently.

Star was named “Star” because of the shining stars in the night sky when she was rescued.

Star is now a happy girl living in Super’s flock at Lefty’s Place (the sanctuary i have run for 7 years now). She loves getting up high on perches, she loves rice and she goes nuts about watermelon.



Zippy was surrendered to Lefty’s Place in mid 2016. She was surrendered with her friend Miss Mccraw from a lovely lady who was going overseas for a trip and had no one to care for her girls. They came to us without names and with a bag of chicken food. They both fitted in so well and love running around the property.  Zippy is small and fast, thus her name. She lives in Popeye’s flock and and enjoys silverbeet and corn the most. She believes in running fast and sitting up high on perches. She zips here, there and everywhere.