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Moonlight. She was rescued from the abattoir the night before the Super Moon in November. Why did I pick her? I never really, truly know why I pick some and not others, but I noticed her lovely long neck. There’s always thousands to choose from. Picking a few each time to live at the sanctuary […]

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Beautiful Rosemary was rescued from a battery egg farm in Victoria in November, 2015. We chose Rosemary as we walked through that cage egg farm because she had pushed her body as far as she could through the bars to look at us. She was desperate to come with us, and so she did. She […]

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Christine Riding - April 26, 2016 - 12:20 pm

That last photo is just fabulous! Rosemary is certainly enjoying her new life.


Marigold was rescued from a cage egg farm in November 2015. There was something about her that made us stop whilst walking up and down the shed aisles. She is a beautiful looking hen and she also really loves humans despite all she’s been through. Marigold was looked after by my friend for many months […]

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I picked up Hoppy and 11 other ex-battery hens from Edgar’s Mission in July, 2012.  Edgar’s Mission had rescued thousands of hens from a cage egg farm who was going out of business and the farmer agreed to let Edgar’s Mission rescue all of them. Hoppy was lucky enough to be one of them. She […]

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Christine Riding - January 15, 2016 - 12:08 pm

Oh Hoppy, I’m sorry that your life was such a difficult one. At least you got to know some love and caring for the last part of it.


When I first saw her, her little body was squashed up against the cage and her long bottom beak and roughly cut shorter top beak jutted through the bars to her neighbours cage. She looked frightened and worried. Her little face told a story of fear and sadness. It’s hard to pick the girls I […]

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