Rescued from the crates full of hens awaiting slaughter the next morning, Cruskit was pulled out of her crate emaciated and completely featherless. Her tiny little body quivered in fear and cold as she sat in the car waiting for her next chapter in life. She was so tiny. Such a small, little featherless life devoid of joy and full of terror.

Cruskit made her way to Lefty’s Place with two other tiny, featherless hens who looked not unlike chicken aliens. All three were suffering shock from their lives in that cage egg farm and shock from the events that saw them jammed in to crates waiting for their death at the abattoir.

The three of them spent their first few weeks hiding together in the coop. Then one day, Cruskit was very brave and *ventured out the front door and in to a whole new chicken world. Her timid friend, Thumbelina, joined her and they explored the chicken yards together.  Cruskit and Thumbelina became the best of friends, they went everywhere together. They found strength in each other and found out how to be chickens with each other.

These days Cruskit and Thumbelina are still best friends, but they are confident best friends. They are no happy and comfortable with who they are and where they are in life. Cruskit is a very headstrong hen and will bite me if I ever need to medicate her or check her over. She doesn’t bite lightly either, she really tries to take my finger off!


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