Magic was rescued from the same backyard breeder as Amalthea, both were sick. Amalthea had a respiratory infection and Magic had an impacted crop that was so huge that is was impossible for a person to not see something was wrong. Magic’s crop was full of grass and it was blocking her crop and stopping her digestive system from working. Magic had surgery at Burwood Bird Vet in Melbourne to clear her crop and is now a healthy girl living with her turkey family, Quinn and Amalthea.

Photo above is Magic just after rescue with her huge impacted crop.

Magic is a sweet girl who likes people. She also has a distinct love of water and you can find her next to the water troughs, clam shell pools and water bowls swishing water about everywhere. She is a big talker. On the two and a half hour drive up to the farm, she did not stop talking once, not once!


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