Melly and Katie Scarlett

In Gone With The Wind, Melly was never the strong one physically, but she was strong in heart and compassion. Scarlett was brash and forthright and fought for what she wanted and needed in an upfront manner.

These two little ladies have just been named “Melly” (on the left) and “Katie Scarlett” after these two strong women in Gone With The Wind.

These two little girls were born into an intensive hatchery and were meant to live their 18 month life as layers in either a cage system or a free range system. They were debeaked along with thousands of their sisters and were being primed for a life of egg laying where their bodies would be used only for the eggs they produce.

To all the women reading this, would you like to be used only for the eggs you produce and then slaughtered when you can no longer produce them? I certainly wouldn’t…


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Catherine Grady - October 25, 2014 - 1:54 am

What gorgeous little girls!! And what a striking image!! <3 it!! I'm assuming these two were rescued… What is their story? How did they come from the hatchery to you?

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