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She was rescued from a broiler (meat) factory farm in April, 2016. She was 6 weeks old and was living with tens of thousands of other hens in a huge shed with a floor covered with chicken poo inches thick. I grabbed her and put her under my jumper and left the farm. I took […]

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Spring was found on the ground of a intensive meat chicken farm. She was found in a shed full of about 60,000 chickens of 6 weeks old who were nearly ready to be slaughtered. Spring was huddled on the ground unable to move. She was half the size of all the other chickens and was […]

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Christine Riding - April 28, 2016 - 12:54 pm

Tears reading Spring’s story. What humans do for the sake of a quick snack is deplorable. Thank you for trying to save her and her friends. She might be ‘gone’ but she won’t be forgotten because of your lovely tribute <3


Meet Bathsheba. Rescued from a battery cage egg farm on Saturday morning, she is so excited about life. She has very little fear about her and approaches everything with a fierce independence and sees everything as a challenge. She is named after the character from Thomas Hardys’s novel, “Far From The Madding Crowd”. I’m very […]

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Judge Judy

At the farm where Sweets was found starving in a shed that had just been depopulated (where all the hens are sent to slaughter at 18 months old) we found this girl. She was hiding under the cages in a shed that was completely empty except for dead bodies and cages. The 80,000 hens in […]

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