A Pig’s Life

This is my series depicting the lives of factory farmed pigs. When you walk through the supermarket and see the ham, theView full post »

The Price Of Eggs

I often watch people at the egg section at the supermarket, about 1 in 10 people stop and take their time to think aboutView full post »

Born To Die (The Life of A Broiler Chicken)

Chicken meat. One of the most accessible meats available. One of the cheapest meats available. The meat that women on aView full post »

Ducks Out Of Water (Duck Farming)

When you think of ducks, you automatically think of water. There is a reason for that. Ducks and water go hand in hand.View full post »

Animal Transport

They call it “livestock transport”, when what it really is is as many animals pushed on to a truck asView full post »

The Abattoir

 My new series, “The Abattoir”. A work in progress which will portray animals in their final hours andView full post »

Life For Sale (At The Saleyards)

The animal livestock saleyard. A place where farmers go to scope out the competition, socalise with their peers and sellView full post »

The Dairy Industry

The dairy industry wants us to believe a lot of things. They want us to believe that cows just magically produce milkView full post »

Fine Dining With Quail (Quail Farming)

The quail industry in Australia is thriving; farmers can’t keep up with demand. Quail eggs and meat are highly soughtView full post »

The Festive Bird

Australia produces about 5 million turkeys each year and sales are at their highest in December. It is estimated 75View full post »

Under The Sea

                                 “Under The Sea” is a series exploring the ways in whichView full post »

At The Show

Each year I visit several agricultural shows, the big city ones and the country ones. No matter how big or how small,View full post »


Zoos and I have an uncomfortable relationship. I go to zoos to capture the animal’s who live in them, but I spendView full post »

The Hunters

My thoughts on hunters? Big guns Big mouths Small personality No empathy Thinks the world is theirs. Hates animals. IfView full post »

By The Roadside

“By The Roadside” is a series portraying the animal road toll that we often drive past quickly, but veryView full post »

Jumping For Joy

The hens at Lefty’s Place have been rescued from caged egg farms, from free range egg farms, from barn laid eggView full post »

No Walks Today

Take a walk around a suburb and you will hear dogs barking. These are the bored, left at home alone in backyard dogs whoView full post »

Free As A Bird

Birds are magnificent, highly intelligent animals whose need to fly and be part of a flock is part of their naturalView full post »

The Gentle Steers

A herd of 50 steers turned up in the paddocks behind our house in about October 2011. Many herds of cattle have come andView full post »

The Majestic Pelican

The Australian Pelican is a beautiful bird. I’m in awe every single time I see one. They’re so veryView full post »

The Beauty Of The Mute Swan

 The Mute Swan is native to Europe and Asia and is an introduced species here, but it’s uncommon to spot them inView full post »

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