The Hunters

My thoughts on hunters?

Big guns
Big mouths
Small personality
No empathy
Thinks the world is theirs.
Hates animals.
If male, usually hates women.


Tough people with big guns. They are everywhere.

You’ll usually see them in their 4WDs throwing cans of VB out of their car windows. You’ll see them on the wetlands telling female animal rescuers that they’ll rape them. You’ll see them hiding behind a bush shooting at a beautiful deer.


Hunting is allowed all year round in many parts of this country, duck hunting season is allowed in Victoria from March to June. Whilst out on the wetlands, myself and a friend were chased through the reeds and water because we were out there looking to help injured birds. We were treated as criminals. I was fined, my friend was fined and banned from entering the wetlands for the entire season. Before we were apprehended, male duck hunters yelled gender based obscenities at us. What they yelled at us was revolting. They stood there in their camouflage clothing holding their big guns looking (and acting like) 13 year old boys who needed to prove how much of a man they were by shooting defenceless ducks.

A duck rescuer waits for the first gun shot of the season

A duck rescuer waits for the first gun shot of the season

In 2014, I sat my Waterfowl Identification Test so I could acquire a duck shooters license and go out on to the water to rescue and take photos. I passed with an A. The test was criminally easy… it has to be I suppose to cater for the likes of the mushed brain men I sat with that day whilst taking the test. Hunters do not look at what ducks they are allowed and not allowed to shoot, they shoot anything. Most of the time, they have been drinking all night before, so they couldn’t identify their own hand let alone a freckled duck.

Anything is fair game to kill if you are a hunter….because you think the world is your own.


Fined and escorted from the wetlands for wanting to help injured birds.

Our government supports and cushions these bully members of the human race.

Good people do not kill anyone.

Please don’t use my images without permission. All images are Copyright Tamara Kenneally

Jacki Jacka - March 21, 2015 - 7:39 am

It’s a sick and disturbed person who enjoys and gets pleasure from taking a life. It’s very disturbing that a person needs to murder someone. These people need to find another hobby that doesn’t involve animal cruelty.

Cindy Rutherford - March 20, 2015 - 2:36 pm

Hunters enjoy killing, but they’re too cowardly to admit it, so they say they are culling wildlife or feeding their families or bonding with their children by teaching them that killing is fun.

Alex Ross - March 20, 2015 - 1:44 pm

Greenies, no guns, bigger mouths, small world, no reality, think the world is theirs, love cute animals, but neglect most, if woman, avoid at dinner party

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